53 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Modular Belting FLAT WIRE ALLOY BELTING Flat wire alloy belts are suitable for many applications including harvesting of spinach and other salad crops. Sprocket driven alloy belts can handle the heavy loads with ease. These belts are available in stainless or galvanized carbon steel and are durable, long-lived, and easily maintained. FLAT WIRE ALLOY BELTING: • WITHSTANDS EXTREME TEMPERATURES & HEAVY LOADS • 3 OPENING MESH SIZES: 1” X 1” - 1/2” X 1” - 1/2” X 1/2” • UNIFORM TENSION UP TO 550 LBS. PER FOOT WIDTH • FRICTION OR SPROCKET DRIVEN Custom “Agrathane” sprockets are more durable and abrasion resistant than UHMW and steel, with multiple options for row- tooth spacing and pitch. Now you can source custom "Agrathane" shaker rollers from Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag. They are perfect for helping dis- lodge foreign materials and drain water from products conveyed over open flat-wire alloy belting. With Green Rubber there's a "whole lot 'o shaking going on!" STRENGTH WITH MODULAR STEEL