42 Looped Cover Belts We can add loops to the cover of belts to provide a softer conveying surface for delicate products which can bruise easily. We can vary the heights, widths, center distances, and materials at your request. Loops are high-frequency welded to base belts which ensures a clean, sanitary, and permanent bond. Mesh Belting for De-Watering & Filtration Mesh belts can be fabricated in many configurations. We can add cleats, v-guides, and endless splices. These belts work exceptionally well in applications requiring products to be washed or drenched before being discharged. Perforations With our specialty punching equipment, we can perforate nearly any pattern of holes in your belt for de-watering and drainage, or vacuum applications. 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Special Fabrications & Technologies Thermo-Weld® Technology Our exclusive Thermo-Weld technology ensures that the flights and lugs we attach to the surface of a belt will be permanently bonded. Instead of using adhesives, which can break down over time, our flights are welded with high heat for a truly vulcanized, homogeneous bond. Thermo-Welded cleats are designed to stay bonded for the working life of the belt. Cleats can be inset from belt edges, or notched for specific requirements. Call us today to discuss your unique application. HF (High Frequency) Welding HF welding is the most sophisticated technology in precision welding of flights and profiles on belting. By using radio waves to bond materials together, we can achieve bonds with the highest integrity, as well as cosmetically superior bonds. No burning, no unflattering welds, and the results are highly sanitary and hygienic for critical food safe belting. The HF technology also allows for virtually limitless configurations for cover profiles, such as flights, lugs, and guides.