45 SERIES 1000 SERIES 1100 SERIES 1200 M1065 M1185 M1220 M1220 FLAT TOP 0.5” HYCLEAN FLUSH GRID 0.5” ACTIVXCHANGE 0.5” FLAT TOP 0.5” M1220 M1220 M1230 M1233 M1234 GRIPTOP 0.5” HIGHGRIP-L 0.5” FLUSH GRID 0.5” FLUSH GRID 0.5” NUB TOP FLUSH GRID 0.5” SERIES SM605/CM605 M1280 M1280 CM605 SM605 SM605 GT ACTIVXCHANGAE 0.5” FLUSH GRID 0.5” (CURVED MESH) (SMOOTH MESH) (GRIPTOP) SERIES 0800 M0863 M0870 M0873 M0876 M0885 MICROPITCH CONE TOP 0.3” MTW MICROPITCH FLAT TOP 0.3” MICROPITCH NON SLIP 0.3” MICROPITCH DIAMOND TOP 0.3” MICROPITCH FLUSH GRID 0.3 Nominal pitch 0.5” [12.7 mm] Nominal pitch 0.3” [8.0 mm] Modular belting is perfect for high-demand applications where tracking,strength and durability are important. Our plastic modular belts are sanitary and safe, and are available in multiple materials and colors, including polyethylene, polypropylene, acetal and nylon. Our onsite assembly department can assemble and fabricate belts to fit your specific applications. With our large inventory of modules, styles and materials, we have a belt to meet your needs. 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Modular Belting HABASIT MODULAR BELTING