15 Mono-Pure Polyurethane (MPU) Belts with Smooth Covers Our Mono-Pure PU series of belts are the highest standard in European manufactured monofilament belting. This lightweight series of belting allows for smaller conveyor designs, smaller drive and return rollers, and helps save space. Perfect for the food industry due to its highly hygienic construction and common use in fresh food, baking, and confection applications. Its PU cover construction is inherently resistant to cuts and abrasion, which improves belt life and enhances cleanability and sanitizing. Our Mono-Pure series of belts are our highest quality belts. We use European monofilament fabric (Mono) and the highest quality polyurethane and PVC covers for food safety and sanitation (Pure). We have a complete line of belt styles, compounds, colors, and profiles, for any belt application. Monofilament belts are best used in high tolerance applications where weight, tracking, and sanitation are essential. Key features: • Easily spliced endless • Highly sanitary polyurethane and PVC covers • Easily fabricated with cleats, lugs and guides • Special Non-Fray technology fabrics available • Easily tracked • Best for small pulleys and nosebar transfers 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Mono-Pure Belting MONO-PURE 1 PLY TPU FDA/USDA WHITE NEG. PYRAMID MPU1050NPWT COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.4 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 1 GAUGE (INCH) 0.078 TENSION / INCH 46 TEMP RANGE -30 / 194 MIN. PULLEY 0.375 MONO-PURE 1 PLY TPU FDA/USDA WHITE MATTE SMOOTH MPU1030SMWT COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.12 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 1 GAUGE (INCH) 0.024 TENSION / INCH 34 TEMP RANGE -4 / 212 MIN. PULLEY 0.2 MONO-PURE 1 PLY TPU FDA/USDA WHITE HIGH RELEASE SMOOTH MPU1030HRWT COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.012 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 1 GAUGE (INCH) 0.035 TENSION / INCH 68 TEMP RANGE -4 / 176 MIN. PULLEY 0.5 MONO-PURE BELTING