We provide the highest quality food grade belting, belt fabrication, and over 30 years of leadership in the belting industry.

Pura-Thane Hygienic Belting

Pura-Thane series belts are the newest innovation in conveyor belt technology for the food processing industry.  Urethane belting is extremely resistant to cuts, abrasion, and chemicals.  They monolithic extrusions that are simultaneously hygienic and easy to sanitize, available in with and without reinforcing fibers, with no exposed fibers at the edges.   Pura-Thane belts are available in a variety of cover profiles including flat, textured, and positive drive configurations.

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Sani-Ply Sanitary Belting

Our Sani-Ply series of belts is by far our most widely used series of belts, made in the U.S.A., using multi-ply, spun polyester fabrics, for every application. Sani-Ply belting can meet your needs whether you are running flat, incline, or even in a trough. Sani-Ply belts can be fabricated with cleats, lugs, guides, and also made endless with seamless splices. Our Sani-Ply belts come with oil and far resistant PVC covers, as well as FDA Nitrile covers for extremely cold or hot applications.

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Mono-Pure Belting

Our Mono-Pure series uses monofilament fabric (Mono) plus polyurethane and PVC covers (Pure) especially suited for food safety and sanitation.  Lightweight Mono-Pure belts are best for use in high tolerance applications where weight, tracking, and sanitation are essential.  Mono-Pure belting includes non-fray fabrics, endless splices, and can be fabricated with cleats, lugs, and guides. They are also best suited for small pulleys and nose-bar transfers.

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Belting with unique properties for specialized food handling

Mono-Flow Mesh Belting

Mono-Flow series polyester-based belts provide the best solution for de-watering and drying of wet products.  They are ideal for processing leafy vegetables like spinach and chopped lettuce, and will quickly eliminate moisture from the product.  The Mono-Flow material can be fabricated with cleats, guides, and many additional profiles.  Edges are sealed with chemical resistant urethane, and belts can be laced with standard mechanical fasteners or made continuous with seamless welds.

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Modular Belting

Modular belting is perfect for high-demand applications where tracking,strength and durability are important. Our plastic modular belts are sanitary and safe, and are available in multiple materials and colors, including polyethylene, polypropylene, acetal and nylon. Our onsite assembly department can assemble and fabricate belts to fit your specific applications. With our large inventory of modules, styles and materials, we have a belt to meet your needs.

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Conveyor-Chain Belts

Conveyor-Chain Belts , also known as flat-wire alloy belts, are suitable for many applications including harvesting of spinach and other salad crops. Sprocket driven alloy belts can handle the heavy loads with ease. These belts are available in stainless or galvanized carbon steel and are durable, long-lived, and easily maintained.

  •  For extreme temperatures & heavy loads
  •  3 mesh sizes: 1”x1” – 1/2”x1” – 1/2”x1/2”
  •  Uniform tension up to 550lbs./ft. width
  •  Friction or sprocket driven

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Belts that can take the heat, for food processing and other high temperature applications

High-Temperature PTFE Coated Belts

DuraFab® Industrial high temperature fabrics are manufactured from woven fiberglass substrates, possess an optimal PTFE (Fluon®) content, and leave a minimal fabric impression. These high-temperature fabrics deliver optimal heat transfer, release, and flexibility.  Applications include:

  • Press Belts for Tortilla, Pizza, and Chicken
  • Drying/Curing Belts for Manufacturing and Screen Printing
  • Sealing Belts for Packaging
  • And Many More

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High-Heat PTFE Sealing Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes are manufactured from woven fiberglass substrates and have adhesive on one side. These tapes possess an optimal PTFE (Fluon®) content, leave a minimal fabric impression, and have a proprietary silicone or acrylic adhesive system. This series of tape is resistant to “cold-flow,” a characteristic inherent in pure unsupported PTFE films. These tapes are an excellent choice when cut-through, load carrying, or harsh industrial environments require the unique surface characteristics of PTFE. Applications include: packaging, food processing, printing & textiles, polymer & chemical processing.

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Intralox Modular Thermoplastic Belts

Intralox has 40 years experience in providing superior belting solutions for industries including: baked goods, beverages, meat, poultry, seafood, fresh fruit, vegetables, and more!  Intralox modular belting solutions include:

  •  Oven belt feeds made to take the heat
  •  ThermoDrive homogeneous thermoplastic
  •  Flat, 100% closed surface, and positive drive features
  •  Magnetic belts for traction with metal pans

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