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Thermo-Weld Cleats & Flights

Our exclusive Thermo-Weld technology ensures that flights and lugs are permanently bonded to the surface of the belt. Our flights are expertly welded for a truly vulcanized, homogeneous bond that lasts the life of the belt; far superior to adhesives, which can break down over time. Cleats can be inset from belt edges, or notched to your specific requirements.

V-Guides, Lugs, & Tracking Guides

We apply Grip Thermo-Weld Guides® whenever tracking is most critical using our Thermo-Weld technology. Tracking guides keep your belts running straight and help avoid unnecessary belt contamination and damage.

Sidewalls For High-Capacity

Corrugated sidewalls, from 1” to 4” tall increase the belt capacity, and to eliminate unnecessary spillage. Our assembly unit orients the corrugated sidewall to the base, making the sidewall an extension of the belting cover. That creates a containment with excellent flexibility and the same characteristics as the belting material.

Custom Perforations

With our specialty punching equipment, we can perforate nearly any pattern of holes in your belt for de-watering and drainage, or vacuum applications.

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